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Code V

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Complete Property Management Grounds & Landscape Compliance Solution

Code V enhances your existing property inspection department by providing an automated solution that identifies/tracks key property issues, and drives the compliance process with a professional inspection team.

Several cities throughout Oakland and Macomb Counties effectively utilize Code V software today, optimizing the overall property management process within their communities. Active and committed municipalities, joined with the professional resources of Landscape Services, Inc., are achieving higher standards in caring for their properties, vacant areas and foreclosed homes, by leveraging Code V.

Benefits of Code V

  • Automated.  Code V software is an automated tool that allows an organization to collect and record property conformity requirements. 
  • Walking Lists.  Trained, uniformed Landscape Services, Inc., inspectors generate a “walking list” that scores each property in several areas (e.g. burrows, feces, garbage, feeding, fruit, compost, vehicle, wood, weeds, etc.). 
  • Detailed Reports.  Comprehensive reports are provided along with photos that highlight compliant properties as well as any property issues. The data provided allows your staff to focus its efforts on resolving the non-compliant property issues in an efficient manner. 
  • Customized.  Code V will track the particular requirements you have for non-service addresses. Reports are developed to display current ‘Lot Do Nots’.

The Results
A fine-tuned and cared for community. Code V supports organizations by providing an automated and complete solution to achieve and maintain property management compliance goals.

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