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Landscape Services, Inc (LSI), goes above and beyond what the ordinary landscape company offers in terms of maintenance services. From the smallest residential to the largest commercial property, our clients receive a reliable, high level landscape services that are second to none.

Lawn Maintenance

Landscape Services, Inc. stands out when it comes to quality and reliability for complete lawn maintenance. All LSI lawn maintenance crews are equipped with state of the art lawn equipment that is serviced weekly. We take pride in the professional appearance of our uniformed crews, as they represent the company in the field.  Bottom line, attention to detail and quality are our main priorities, and the properties that we maintain reflect that care.

Garden Maintenance

   Landscape Services, Inc. offers a variety of Garden Maintenance programs for your home or commercial property.  Knowledgeable and experienced crew members trained in the best horticultural practices, can transform your property into “a true show place”, with curb appeal that delights everyone who passes by.

Landscape Services offers three garden maintenance service level programs:

Monthly Bed Maintenance

Ideal for a business or home owner that believes proper plant maintenance and property appearance is important.  This program includes weeding beds, re-cutting bed edges, cultivating soil, turning mulch, removal of debris and general clean-up.

Bi-Weekly Maintenance

Designed to meet the needs of those who appreciate a well manicured and maintained property.  This program includes all monthly bed maintenance services plus shrub trimming services as needed.

Weekly Property Management

Targeted for the clients who pride themselves on having impeccably maintained lawns and gardens, but does not have the time to personally take care of them.  Weekly Maintenance includes everything that Bi-Weekly program provides every week.
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